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BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender

Etusivu / Verkko / KVM-kytkimet / BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender
BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender (ACU1500A-R3)
BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender (ACU1500A-R3)
BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender (ACU1500A-R3)
BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender (ACU1500A-R3)

BLACK BOX DVI-D and USB 2.0 Extender

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- Link up to 330 feet (100 m) using only one CAT5 cable.
- Full HD resolution. 1920 x 1200 at 24-bit color depth.
- Provides USB 2.0 support for all device types.
- True EDID read mode.


- No compression, no delay of video data.
- Easy setup, no adjustments.
- Supports all major operating systems.
- Uses a single, solid core CAT5 (or better) cable for desktop extension, simplifying installation. Solid-core CAT6 is recommended for best performance.
- A computer can be located remotely from a desktop area, freeing up space and providing security.
- Servers, computers, software, and any other sensitive hardware can be kept in a secure location where maintenance can be performed easily.
- Supports USB 2.0 devices, as well as USB audio devices.
- Supports HDCP pass-through.
- Mass-Strorage Acceleration Technology.
Place a computer up to 330 feet (100 m) from the workstation area, connected with a single inexpensive CATx cable. Supports Full HD video and USB 2.0, including control of the keyboard, mouse, Web cameras, Flash drive, speakers, microphone, and other USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices.

The ideal high-resolution KVM extender

The ServSwitch DVI-D with USB 2.0 KVM Extender preserves the quality of the DVI video signal and offers real-time transmission without the delays and compression that degrades the high-resolution viewing experience.

USB HID support

The extender supports of a variety of HIDs. Keyboards and mice are the most common HIDs, but other devices based on HID protocol, including some touch screens, will work as well.

DDC read channel

The DDC read capability enables true EDID information to be received from the attached display. This guarantees optimum plug-and-play support.

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