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ONEPLUS 7T Pro Haze Blue 8GB+256GB EU HD1913

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ONEPLUS 7T Pro Haze Blue 8GB+256GB EU HD1913 (5011100766)
ONEPLUS 7T Pro Haze Blue 8GB+256GB EU HD1913 (5011100766)
ONEPLUS 7T Pro Haze Blue 8GB+256GB EU HD1913 (5011100766)
ONEPLUS 7T Pro Haze Blue 8GB+256GB EU HD1913 (5011100766)

ONEPLUS 7T Pro Haze Blue 8GB+256GB EU HD1913


OnePlus 7T Pro - Älypuhelin - Kaksois-SIM - 4G LTE Advanced - 256 GB - CDMA / GSM - 6.67" - 3120 x 1440 pixels (516 ppi) - Fluid Amoled - RAM 8 GB (16 MP front camera) - 3 takakameraa - OxygenOS - usvansininen
  • Näytön koko 6.7"
  • Paino 206g
  • OS Oxygen OS
  • Väri Haze Blue
  • Operator lock No
  • Kapasiteetti 256GB
  • Malli OnePlus 7T Pro
  • Kaksois-SIM Kyllä

Fluid Display
Borderless brilliance.

The OnePlus 7T Pro’s immersive edge-to-edge display boasts a 90 Hz refresh rate for unmatched smoothness and QHD+ resolution for exceptional clarity. Simply our most breathtaking display, ever.

90 Hz smoothness
Every touch is smoother and more seamless in ultra-responsive 90 Hz.

QHD+ clarity
See everything more clearly with an ultra-sharp 516 pixels per inch.

Curved design
The display's curves envelop the edges of the device for a breathtaking design.

Triple Camera
All-in-one photography studio.

From vast landscapes to dramatic backlit portraits, capture everything in stunning clarity with the superior versatility of three independent cameras. Pro-grade photography has never been this effortless.

Ultra wide angle
Capture vast landscapes and large group photos with a panoramic 117° field of view.

3X telephoto
Shooting from a distance? Switch to the telephoto camera for crystal clear 3x optical zoom.

The best of everything.

With lightning-fast UFS 3.0 storage and RAM Boost, the OnePlus 7T pro pairs flagship hardware with refined software for fast, smooth performance—from everyday multitasking to demanding 3D games.

Snapdragon™ 855 Plus

The new benchmark in mobile performance, boasting 15% faster graphics rendering and faster processing speeds.

Improved vibration
An all-new haptic engine produces more natural tactile feedback when typing, gaming, or receiving notifications.

Fnatic mode
Developed alongside the world-renowned eSports team, Fnatic mode streamlines performance for legendary mobile gaming.

Remarkably solid, yet surprisingly thin.

Exceptional design isn’t just about the things you see. It’s also about the little details that you don’t notice. It’s about everything being in the right place, creating a seamless, fluid experience.

Carefully crafted
Gently-curved glass extends from edge to edge for an elegant and sophisticated look and feel.

Matte finished
An understated, matte-textured coating adds grip and repels fingerprints.

Every icon, every animation—no detail is too small to be perfected. OxygenOS enhances stock Android with useful features and powerful optimizations for a fast and smooth experience.

The latest from Google brings enhanced privacy controls and several performance upgrades.

Over 370 visual optimizations for a smooth 90 Hz experience on the OnePlus 7T Pro.

Zen mode
Take a short break from tech with Zen mode and find a healthier balance.

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